Veterinary Vaseline is a homogeneous ointment-like substance without lumps, color being from white to light brown. Vaseline has an amorphous semi-solid consistency because it consists of a mixture of liquid and solid hydrocarbons.

Veterinary Vaseline is applied for wider spectrum of tasks compared to technical vaseline.

Molecular Formula: mixture of hydrocarbons with carbon numbers mainly above 25.

CAS Number: 8009-03-8

Originally Vaseline had also other names of petroleum jelly, petrolatum, white petrolatum, soft paraffin. Since its discovery, Vaseline has been used as an external ointment thanks to the healing properties of Vaseline.

The discovery of Vaseline is credited to Robert Augustus Chesebrough, who patented the process of making petroleum jelly.

Charactiristics of Vaseline

Veterinary Vaseline meets the requirements of GOST 13037-84.

Items of Veterinary Vaseline Standard value acc.
Actual value
Veterinary Vaseline, Appearance homogeneous ointment-like substance without lumps, from white to light brown homogeneous ointment-like substance without lumps, of yellow colour
Veterinary Vaseline Dropping Point, °С 37-50 50
Acid number, mg of КОН for 1g of Vaseline, max. 0,1 Отсутствие
Ash content, %, max. 0,010 0,0010
Water content not present not present
Test for the absence of odour of kerosene passes test passes test
Test for the absence of fats and resins passes test passes test
Test for the absence of sulfurous compounds passes test passes test
Water soluble acids and alkalis not present not present
Mass fraction of solids not present not present

Application of Vaseline:

  • for lubrication the udder of dairy breed domestic animals;
  • for softening skin, healing cuts and scrapes;
  • for impregnating paper and textiles in the electrical industry (as technical vaseline);
  • for production of lubricants resistant to the action of strong oxidants;
  • for softening the hides and leather products;
  • as a purgative in medicine;
  • as a fatty basis of cosmetic creams and lotions;
  • independently – as Vaseline, Boric Vaseline, creams for massage;
  • registered as E905b food additive;
  • used for flushing the paint off the skin after tattoo is applied;
  • for protection of metals from corrosion, for lubrication and storage of tools (as technical vaseline);
  • for corrosion protection of alloy wheels and moldings from road salt and from dust formed by the material of brake pads (as technical vaseline)

The shelf life of Veterinary Vaseline is two years from the date of manufacture.

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