Chemcontinent Ltd. has been working at the Ukrainian market since 2006. The firm has been the official distributor for Synthos S.A. group as well as for a range of the world’s leading producers of chemicals and raw materials, representing them in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova.

Our main activities has been specialty chemicals supply from Europe, Asia and Australia, the products being delivered to the local and neighbour-country producers of waterborne paint and lacquers, dry mixes, tile adhesives, concrete, plastic foam thermal insulation as well as to construction, food, pharma, cosmetics and other industries.

Related to the segments of our business are the main product groups. Our portfolio offered to the customers includes cement hardeners, calcium formate, redispersible powders, waterborne polymer latex dispersions, titanium dioxide, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, modified starch and acrylic thickeners, biocides, vaseline, glycerol, propyleneglycol and other solvents, etc.

Chemcontinent’s success is based on the proven quality of the chemical products as well as on the high level of technical support provided by our educated qualified personnel.

Our staff is constituted by experienced specialists with higher education in chemistry and economics, who help to make the best technical and commercial decision to our customers. The experts provide consultancy on the specialty chemical product selection and purchase, which guarantees the highest quality of formulation and the excellent service to the clients.

The warehouse capacities of Chemcontinent ensure the regular availability of chemical raw materials for clients as well as the continuous product supply.

Supporting the sustainable growth of the existing business, we look constantly for business development by expanding the company product portfolio and establishing effective long-term distribution partnership with NEW suppliers.

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