Tributyl Phosphate


Tributyl Phosphate, or TBP, is a colourless and odourless liquid substance. TBP is an ester of orthophosphoric acid with n-butanol.

Tributyl Phosphate is used as a defoamer in paints, emulsions, adhesives, petroleum drilling, paper making industry, in detergents and ethylene glycol-based antifreezes; as a solvent for nitrocellulose, inks; for metal extraction; a stabilizer of film in oil-based lubricants; a  plasticizer for cellulose esters and a wetting enhancer for various solutions.

Tributyl phosphate often serves as a component in hydraulic fluid for airlines, sometimes being the main constituent. TBP-based airline hydraulic fluids are perfect because they are not combustible.

Molecular formula: (CH3CH2CH2CH2O)3PO  or C12H27O4P
Molar mass: 266.3 g/mol
No. CAS:  126-73-8 
Abbreviation: TBP

Items of Tributyl Phosphate Value for 98% TBP Value for 99% TBP
Appearance transparent, clear, odorless liquid
Tributyl phosphate, min content ≥98.0 % ≥99.0 %
Density at 20°C ~0.973 g/cm³ ~0.973 g/cm³
Moisture ≤0.35 % ≤0.12 %
Acidity (as H+) ≤1.2 mmol/100g ≤0.2 mmol/100g
Refractive Index of TBP at 20°C 1.414-1.425 1.423-1.425
Melting point of Tributyl phosphate, °C -80 °C at 760 mm Hg
Boiling point of Tributyl phosphate, °C 289 °C at 760 mm Hg
Solubility of TBP in water 1 ml/165 ml of water

Application of Tributyl Phosphate:

  • as a defoamer is paints, emulsions, adhesives, petroleum drilling, paper making industry, detergents and ethylene glycol-based antifreezes;
  • for hydrometallurgical extraction and purification of rare earth metals from the ores;
  • as a solvent for inks, resins, gums and adhesives;
  • as a plasticizer for nitrocellulose and cellulose acetate;
  • as a stable nonflammable constituent  for hydraulic fluids;
  • for increasing the film stability of oil-based lubricants;
  • for better efficiency in application of herbicides, pesticides and fungicides;
  • for wetting improvement in mercerizing liquids in textile applications;

The shelf life of Tributyl Phosphate is one year from the date of manufacture.

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