Starch Ethers


Starch ethers strengthen the consistency of materials which are based on hydraulic binders. Starch ethers influence the rheology behaviour of the binder matrix in water, changing the yield point, flow parameters and water retention for cement-based tile adhesives, renders, gypsum-based plasters and other mixes.

The dosage of starch ethers can be adjusted to reach the desired structural viscosity of the formulation and enable excellent workability. The starch ethers are compatible with other additives, they are chemically inert and do not change the properties of the main binder (cement, gypsum, lime). The starch ethers allow to optimize the economics of the dry mix, facilitating the formulation success at the market.


Task vs Grade

Cementitious systems Masonry mortars ++ ++     +      
Plasters ++ + ++ + +      
Skim coats + +   ++ ++      
Wall putties + +   ++ ++      
Tile adhesives standard + ++ ++ + +      
Tile adhesives improved + ++ + ++ ++      
External Thermal Insulation Systems ++ ++ + ++ +      
Screeds ++ + + +        
Gypsum systems Plasters ++     + ++      
Skim coats ++     + ++      
Wall putties ++     +        
Screeds +              
Gypsum Plaster Boards               ++
Concrete Stabilizer for Self Compacting Concrete           ++    
Rebound reducing agent for shotcrete (dry&wet)           ++    

Thickener for dispersion paints & wallpaper glue

Thickener for Dispersion paints             ++  
Thickener for Silicate paints                
Dispersion based renders (silicate- and resin)             +  
Wallpaper glue                

For technical and commercial information on AMITROLIT starch ethers, modified starch, just call or send an email to a consultant of Chemcontinent Ltd.

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