Redispersible polymer powders


Trade name: Neolith Ѓ
Manufacturer: FAR SPA

Redispersible polymer powders are the most common generic modifiers and binding components of the majority of dry mixes for different purposes.

Redispersible polymer powders (RPP) - a dry powder organic polymers which when mixed with water form aqueous dispersions. RPP, in combination with binders, which are hydrated, allow you to create ready-modified dry mixtures of stable quality, which needs only water to be added. The main property of RPP is their ability to rapid dispersion in water. This process occurs by mixing the dry mixture containing RPP, with water. As a result of processes of mortar setting and water binding, dispersed particles agglomerate and form a phase of the polymer film that can get in the final product the required general and specific properties depending on the purpose and application scope of the compositions - dry mixes.

Application of redispersible powders can significantly improve the basic performance of systems based on mineral binders (cement, sand, gypsum, etc.):

  • Adhesion to the substrate of various materials;
  • Elasticity (resistance to deformation and dynamic loads);
  • Tensile strength and flexural strength;
  • Water resistance, mechanical strength (for gypsum materials after interaction with moisture);
  • Reduction of water absorption and hydrophobization;
  • Resistance to abrasion;
  • Spreading and Leveling (for self-levelling flooring compounds);
  • Preservation of vapour permeability;
  • Frost resistance and durability (for facade systems)
  • Easy application and spreading;
  • Open time and workability.

Technical parameters of Neolith powders

Grade *Chemical composition Polymer Ash, % Residual moisture, % ** MFFT, ∞— pH
Neolith NP50 VA Homopolymer for adhesives < 10 <2 18 5 - 6
Neolith P1550 VA Homopolymer for special glues < 2 <1 5 5 - 6
Neolith P2000 VA VEOVA Copolymer for plasters and
cement mastics
8-12 <1 4 6,5 Ц 7,5
Neolith P3000N VA VEOVA Universal copolymer for
cement-based adhesives
10-14 <1 14 5 - 6
Neolith P3300 VA VEOVA Thixotropic vinyl-versatate
copolymer for tile adhesives
10-14 <1 5 5 - 6
Neolith P3500 VA VEOVA Universal copolymer 8-12 <1 5 6 Ц 7,5
Neolith P4400 VA VEOVA Universal copolymer for tile
adhesive, insulation, plasters, putties, repair mortars
10-14 <1 6 5 - 6
Neolith P5000 VA VEOVA Copolymer for self-leveling floors 8-12 <1 4-6 6 - 7
Neolith P6000 VA VEOVA ACRYLIC Universal terpolymer 10-14 <1 0 6,5
Neolith P6300T VA ACRYLIC Thixotropic vinyl-acrylic copolymer for tile adhesives 10-14 <1 0 7 - 7,5
Neolith P6400 VA ACRYLIC Universal vinyl-acrylic copolymer 10-14 <1 4 7 - 7,5
Neolith P6700 VA ACRYLIC Vinyl-acrylic copolymer for
tile adhesives
10-13 <1 12 7 - 7,5
Neolith P6800 VA ACRYLIC Vinyl-acrylic copolymer for
tile adhesives
10-14 <1 13 7 - 7,5
Neolith P7200 VA VEOVA Copolymer with high resistance
to alkaline medium
10-14 <1 5 5 - 6
Neolith P8800 VA VEOVA ACRYLIC Terpolymer for
highly-hydrophobic cement systems
10-14 <1 0 5 Ц 6
Neolith P8900 VA ACRYLIC Acrylic terpolymer for flexible systems 10-13 <1 0 7 - 7,5

* VA - VinylAcetate, VEOVA Ц Vinyl Ester of Versatic Acid
** MFFT - the minimum film forming temperature

Application of Redispersible polymer powders:

  • Cement-based tile adhesives
  • Compositions for thermal insulation systems
  • Cement-based repair mortars
  • Cement-based grouts for joints
  • Self-leveling floors and screeds
  • Mortar for brickwork
  • Finishing compounds
  • Gypsum adhesives
  • Gypseous plasters
  • Gypsum-based mixtures and crack fillers

Pricing and ordering information. Neolith powders of F.A.R. S.P.A. . can be ordered in quantities of 1 kg to 21 tons (truck loads) at Chemcontinent Ltd. Direct deliveries are possible from warehouses in Kyiv (Ukraine) and Filago (Italy).

Packaging and transportation. RPP are supplied in multi-ply paper bags of 25 kg. Also available in big bags of 500 kg if preferred by the customer.

Storage of redispersible polymer powders. Store RPP at temperatures between 5 and 25ºC. Pallets with bags or big - bags should be stored in one tier to avoid caking of the powder. Shelf life of redispersible polymer powders is 6 months from the date of manufacture.

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