Propylene glycol

Propyleneglycol is an organic compound, a clear, viscous, oily, colorless liquid with characteristic odor. The product is very easily soluble in water, acetone and chloroform.

Propyleneglycol is manufactured by the hydration of propylene oxide.

Molecular formula: C3H8O2

No. CAS: 57-55-6

Abbreviation: PG

Items Value for Propyleneglycol
Appearance viscous, clear liquid
Propyleneglycol, min content 99.5%
Density at 20°C, g/cm³ 1.037
Boiling point of Propyleneglycol 188.2°C at 760 mm Hg
Ignition temperature 99°C
Water (by Karl-Fischer), max 0.25%
Acidity (CH3COOH), max. 0.005%
Hazen color of Propyleneglycol, max. 15 Hazen units
Ash content, max. 0.001%

Application of Propyleneglycol:

  • unsaturated polyester resins;
  • urethanes;
  • paints & varnishes;
  • heat transfer fluids,
  • antifreezes, polyether polyols, antifoaming agents
  • as a glycerin substitute in fine organic synthesis;
  • as a solvent in printing inks;
  • as solvent and enzyme stabilizer in laundry detergents;
  • stabilizer in hydraulic fluids;
  • plasticizer to improve processing ability of plastics

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