Linear low density polyethylene


REYFOR ТН2807 Polyethylene Resin - is translucent granules of linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE). The thermoplastic polymer, REYFOR ТН2807 is designed for the production of transparent stretch films for packaging of various products and goods, as well as to improve the elasticity and tensile strength of the other cast films..

REYFOR ТН2807 LLDPE resin is used for in the manufacture of cast stretch films for wrapping materials.

Granules of linear low density polyethylene, REYFOR TH2807 LLDPE, do not contain antiblock additives and slip additives.

Abbreviation: LLDPE

Parameters of REYFOR ТН2807 LLDPE Value (SI) Method of testing
Appearance translucent granules  
Density 0,930 g/cm3 ASTM D792
Melt Index (190°С / 2.16 kg) 2,38 g/10 min. ISO 1133
Film thickness tested 25 μм  
Tensile Strength   ASTM D882
MD Yield 6,2 МПа  
TD Yield 5,8 МПа  
MD Break 42 МПа  
TD Break 29 МПа  
Tensile elongation   ASTM D882
MD Break 465%  
TD Break 895%  
Gloss (45°С, 25 μм) 91 ASTM D2457
Haze (25 μм) 0,68% ASTM D1003

* Data for reference purposes only. Users should confirm results by their own tests.

Fabrication conditions for cast film:
Melt Temperature: 220 - 280ºC.
CMI Roll Temperature: 20 - 60 ºC.
Haul-Off Speed: 150 - 450 m / min.
Recommended Gauge Range: 10 - 60 microns.

Application of REYFOR ТН2807 LLDPE:

  • for cast transparent stretch film for packaging of various products and goods,
  • for addition to the polymer composition to increase elasticity and tensile strength of other cast films.

Storage. When storing REYFOR ТН2807 LLDPE, avoid extremely high temperatures, the exposure to hydrochloric solvents and the prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

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"Лінійний поліетилен високого тиску, низької густини – гранули для виробництва стретч-плівок"
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"Линейный полиэтилен высокого давления, низкой плотности - гранулы для производства стретч-пленок"

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