Heliofor E liquid

Heliofor E liquid

Heliofor E liquid is an optical brightener that provides whiteness to water-dispersion paints, formulated using cellulose derivatives as thickeners.

Product Name: Heliofor E liquid

Chemical nature: diaminostilbenedisulfonic acid derivatives

Chemical Identification: Fluorescent brightener 357

Number CAS: 41098-56-0

Item Value for Heliofor E
Appearance of Heliofor E Yellow-brown liquid
Ionic type of Heliofor E Anionic compound
Density at 20 dC, g/cm³ 1,05 – 1,25
Acidity, pH 7,0 – 9,5
Freezing Point, dС <-1
Odor: Slight
Solubility in water of Heliofor E Unlimited
Resistance to hard water Very high

Application of Heliofor E liquid: add to the dispersion paint at the end of the process of grinding, well-dissolving it in the mass. Before applying, studying the effect of Heliofor E liquid on the rheology of the paint is recommended. Depending on the required increase in brightness, the dose of 1 to 5 kg per 1 ton of paint is applied (0,1-0,5%), yielding a brightness increase up to 10 by CIE Lab scale.

Packing of Heliofor E liquid: cans of 30l.

Storage : Heliofor E liquid is to be stored at a temperature of -10 to +30 dC in a sealed package. Keep away from direct sunlight and UV radiation. Stability of the structure of the solution for at least 6 months. Saves the brightening properties for 5 years.

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