Cellulose ethers – HPMC


Trade Name: Joincel

Chemical name: Hydoxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC)

CAS No.: 9004-65-3

Abbreviation: HPMC

Chemical Structure of Joincel cellulose ethers is composed of linear chains of etherified  cellulose with different molecular weight. The chains have certain degree of substitution by Methoxy-groups and Hyroxypropyloxy-groups:

Chemical Structure of Joincel cellulose

Joincel Nonionic cellulose ethers are used as water-retaining additives, thickeners, binder and filler stabilizers in water solutions, as dispersants, emulsifiers and plasticizers in construction industry, dry mix industry, production of waterborne paints and lacquers; as well as in ceramics production and polyvinylchloride polymerization, in household cleaners and pharmaceutical medicines.

Items Value for HPMC Joincel
Methoxy-group content, % 19,0 – 24,0
Hyroxypropyloxy-group content, % 4,0 – 12,0
Gel formation temperature, єС 70 – 90
Moisture content, %, макс 5,0
Ash content, %, макс 1,0
рН (1% solution at 25 ºС) 5,0 – 8,0


Depending on the application, used are the following grades of HPMC Joincel cellulose ethers with fast or retarded solubility:

HPMC viscosity group Joincel grade Viscosity range
Low viscosities of Joincel MK400 300~500
  MK 40С 3000~5000
  MK 60С 5000~7000
  MK 80С 7000~9000
Medium viscosities of Joincel MK 15М 11000~18000
  MK 20М 15000~25000
  MK 30М 25000~35000
  MK 40М 35000~45000
  MK 50М 45000~55000
High viscosities of Joincel MK 60М 55000~65000
  MK 70М 65000~75000
  MK 80М 75000~85000
  MK 100М 85000~120000


Application of Joincel cellulose ethers:

  • Cement-based tile adhesives and plasters
  • Cement-based renders for repair works
  • Cementitious joint-fillers
  • Production of waterborne paints and lacquers
  • Masonry mortars
  • Gypsum-based adhesives
  • Gypsum plasters
  • Gypseous mixes for filling cracks
  • Ceramics production and polyvinylchloride polymerization
  • Thickeners for household cleaners, shampoos and gels
  • Binder for tableted forms, liniments and gels in pharmaceutics.

Packaging of Joincel Hydoxypropylmethylcellulose:

Joincel HPMC products are supplied in 25 kg multi-layered paper bags, with inner polyethylene paper bags. Big bag of 400kg or 600kg is available upon request.

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