Calcium formate, Sodium formate


Calcium formate is a calcium salt of formic acid.

Calcium formate in the form of white crystalline powder (content > 98%) is moderately hygroscopic, bitter by taste, non-toxic, soluble in water.

Molecular formula: a()2

Molecular weight: 130,116.

CAS No.: 544-17-2

Calcium formate accelerates the setting of cement mortars i.. the transfer from liquid to solid state; increases the initial strength of the hardened mortar; quicken the hardening in terms of the attainment of the maximal strength by cement mortar; protects the concrete from freezing at low temperatures; ensures faster obtaining the designated shape for concrete and faster formwork removal.

Items Value for calcium formate
Appearance white crystalline powder
Calcium formate, min content ≥ 98 %
content, min ≥ 30%
Moisture,max ≤ 0,50 %
Specific weight at 20C ~ 2,02 g/cm³
Bulk density ~ 900-1000 g/dm³
pH (10% solution in water) ~ 6,0-7,5
Decomposition temperature > 400C
Weight loss at annealing < 1 %

More precise data are provided in the certificate of analysis for alcium formate

Application of alcium formate:

  • Fast-hardening concretes,
  • Cement-based adhesives for ceramic tiles and plasters,
  • Self-levelling floor compounds,
  • Cement slurries for filling joints,
  • Concrete renders for repairing, reinforced and regular concretes,
  • Seamless coatings for pedestrians paths, 
  • Wooden-chip boards with cement binder,
  • In the leather-processing industry,
  • As an anti-mildew and bactericidal means,
  • As a feed additive for animals

Calcium formate as an anti-freeze additive:

Environment temperature Addition of calcium formate
-10 1% of alcium formate for 100% of cement
-15 2% of alcium formate for 100% of cement

The optimal amount of alcium formate in the mixture is determined by the user.

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